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I love the music of Gettysburg.  It is not unusual to wander through town and here the sounds of banjos and bands recreating the sounds of the 1800’s……whether they be classic American standards we have all learned as  children or invigorating Irish reels, to set our feet tapping.

It is wonderful to see the enthusiasm for this music continuing, as in the case of this young man in the attached news story.  The music is too good to be forgotten; just as the lives of those lost need remembrance.  So too, this music of a past era needs to be played and carried to the ears of following generations.

Check out Internet music sites, or google Civil War era music…….you just might find your CD playing “Old Dan Tucker”…………. mine does.

On this day, April 20th, 1861,  Robert E. Lee resigned from the Army.  The phrase between a rock and a hard place couldn’t apply truer.

A patriot to his country, but loyal to his home Virginia, Lee made the only decision which brought his mind and heart in agreement.

His eloquent words,  “Save in the defense of my native State, I never desire again to draw my sword,” reveal what an uneasy decision this was for him.

The entire text of the letter may be read at this link

14th Annual Greyhounds in Gettysburg

Friday, April 27, 2012 to Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dog Show Event

One of the nicest family events in Gettysburg is the arrival of the greyhounds to town.  It is so much fun to see them walking together in groups with their owners along Baltimore Street.  It is a time when we can say Gettysburg goes to the dogs… a great way.

Activities are scheduled at various locations in Gettysburg. There are contests, a parade, an ice cream social, greyt dog shopping malls and much more.

If you love Gettysburg and you love dogs, then don’t miss a  great weekend to enjoy both………..

Here is a link to learn more………..

History and the Paranormal, the two reasons people are drawn to Gettysburg. 

Sometimes the two combine; sometimes the lines of division are very pronounced.

I feel those lines; I feel them among those I meet in Gettysburg.  Friends who know the  Paranormal work I do, and accept and have interest when with me; but hide that acceptance and interest when in a different circle of acquaintances.

I’d be lying if I said it didn’t affect me; but I have come to accept that this is simply the way it is in Gettysburg.   

I think combining the two makes for the best of both worlds;  learning the true historical events only makes the strange paranormal occurrences all the more meaningful.   I have led paranormal tours and spoken about paranormal events, and held a seance in the historic Farnsworth House.  I treat any energies of those that still linger in Gettysburg with the utmost respect and honor; they were there first, they lived, and died on this land long before I made my home upon its grounds. 

The most important thing is reverence.  Whether you walk the battlefields strictly because of history, or walk the battlefields hoping to seek out a paranormal encounter, what matters most is your respect for this hallowed ground.  Having an open mind to experience both at the same time makes for the best of both worlds in my mind.

If you come to Gettysburg looking for ghosts, you might not find them.   But many who come, do encounter some unexplainable incident that leaves a lasting impression and a longing to return.

Pictured is my favorite ghost photograph.  I took this at the Grove, a very haunted ground where men fought valiantly and died.  One minute, the tree was clear, the next, this wisp appeared, only to vanish again.

Gettysburg is a land of beauty and tragedy; it haunts visitors and leaves a longing to return in their hearts.  Once you have seen its rolling hills and walked its tranquil paths; it is hard to imagine the devastation and horror that seeped into the ground in the early days of July, 1863.

My home is in Gettysburg, I own a restored, historic farmhouse that served as a sanctuary for a Confederate Brigadier General and his Cavalry during the Battle.

I will feature news and events happening in Gettysburg, any interesting historical information, as well as personal photographs I have taken amidst the Battlefield.