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I think many of us who love Gettysburg have a feeling we have walked its ground before, in an earlier lifetime.

I feel all those who deeply cherish history and its true stories of heartache, not the glamorized movie versions, have truly lived in past times.

There are old souls, those born with hidden secrets and karmas of centuries past.

Time has always fascinated me, since a little girl.  I devoured books about time travel, H. G. Wells and his Time Machine beckoned my imagination.

Then, as I got older, the cinematic tales of time travel caught my attention.

I found Einstein’s theories of time to be so before his time………

I also feel time is like a wrinkle…….folds of dimensions which we someday will learn to cross and overlap. 

Who is not to say that different centuries are occurring as we speak, or that alternate wrinkles await soul journeys to achieve varying ends……

I have witnessed many past life regressions; I held them at my Reiki office.

Some could be shrugged off as overactive imaginations of clients, but some were so genuine it would be difficult to brush them off easily.

I have seen how past life karmas weigh down the souls of people living in current lifetimes.

There is a story of an entire town regressed to discover their life together during Civil War Times……

Perhaps that is the motivation that drives Civil War reenactors to get the story straight, or Battlefield tour guides to study and share the true events of the 19th Century.

So many people write me and tell me that Gettysburg felt so familiar to them; that once they came, they were pulled back again and again.

Maybe it is those wrinkles in time that envelope us and draw us in……

If you are reading my Gettysburg blog, no doubt, this time period and this town have captured your attention and heart.

Perhaps you have walked its ground already……..

This is a favorite song of mine…it musically explores the question of time travel…..



One of the most active places for me in Gettysburg is the Grove.  The Grove is the wooded grounds surrounding the Gettysburg Middle School.  There are stories of encounters in these woods,  of a little girl who looks innocent until you get close enough to see her glowing eyes…….of Soldiers wandering about above graves

where their war torn bodies were hurriedly buried.

Fighting at the Grove was so savage that weaponry became the dismembered limbs of dead soldiers, swung at the enemy when there was nothing left to fight each other with that day.

I constantly get orbs at the Grove, the trees there are especially “haunted”……..

One evening, while photographing the trees, in a matter of seconds, my camera found only darkness, then a peculiar ghostly shaped wisp, then nothingness again.  This is perhaps my favorite paranormal photo, I think the little wisp even has a little curly headed ghostly “do.” 

There are many stories of encounters and sightings at the Grove.   A guide once told me of a classroom in the Middle School busily taking an exam when the image of a soldier ran through the room and into the opposite wall.  He said the exam was cancelled for the day…….I would imagine no one felt like taking a test after that.

Whenever you build upon tainted ground, the energy remains and “moves into” the new foundation, the walls, the classrooms.   When you visit Gettysburg, be sure to stop at the Middle School.  You can see it from Baltimore Street.  Walk through the woods at night, if you dare.  I can tell you there is one spirit there with a negative energy; it followed me back to my room one night……..But that is another story, for another blog post.



“George Washington’s Ghost at Gettysburg”

 I would like to share a little known paranormal story about Gettysburg and George Washington……

George Washington had a “vision” documented by his aides during Valley Forge.  He had seen a devastation…..a battle of such epic proportion that he had relayed this vision to his close aids and they had recorded it.  This documented “vision” sounds remarkably like Gettysburg……

Many believe the “vision” Washington saw was, indeed, Gettysburg…….was it a prophesy, or a tired General’s mind and body playing tricks……..

But wait, this story grows even stranger……

There is documentation of eyewitness accounts from soldiers and even Joshua Chamberlain of seeing George Washington at Little Round Top…….

Confederates told of shooting bullets that went right through this figure atop a glorious white horse that rode ahead and gave encouragement to Chamberlain’s men on their suicide bayonet mission……

Joshua Chamberlain, though he would not acknowledge this was Washington, did acknowledge seeing this man……….

So ……… was it Washington……

The father of our country, leading another army in defense of his beloved nation…..

Could his vision be some sort of wrinkle in time …….was he there at Gettsyburg…..

How I would love to see this General atop his glorious white horse as I walk the woods of Little Round Top……….