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Today is Flag Day………..a lot of people died for our flag……….

Soldiers, torn and tattered from war, proudly carried torn and tattered flags with honor.  A lot of those torn and tattered flags are given places of honor to this day.  

 As a final gesture of honor,  families of Veterans are given a folded flag for remembrance at burial services.

I wish we had more of that pride and honor among us.  I remember 9/11, living just minutes from the City, the profusion of flags was something I will never forget.  Flags on every house, on every car, people waving flags from overpasses on the parkway……

Everywhere I looked, there was pride and comraderie in a shared feeling of honoring our country. 

I hoped it would last, but knew it wouldn’t……but don’t ever wish circumstances so horrendous to spur such an outpouring of patriotism again.  So many have died to preserve her place; it is sorrowful that only more death can instill a feeling of pride in most hearts.

I wish that ordinary days could hold the same feeling of pride and honor for all of us…….for citizens proud to call America home, and politicians of integrity gracing seats within the shadow of Government flags flying proudly once again.

But for today, honoring our flag and all the lives cut short to defend her will be the focus on this day.  A lot of hands gripped our flag until their final breaths.




Soon, one of my favorite times of the year will come to Gettysburg……..the nearby Lavender Festival.  Held each June, the lavender festival is a feast for the eyes as well as the nose…..

Walk among the lavender fields, pick your own, or bring a lavender plant home to your garden.

Lotions, soaps, candles and aroma oil diffusers with lavender, enough to soothe away the deepest stress, line the vendor booths.

Shuttle buses transport visitors to the fields, be sure to bring a tote bag large enough to carry back purchases……no parking on site is allowed.

If you love to cook  and bake with herbs, you will love browsing the herb racks and cookbooks while you munch on a homemade lavender cookie and sip lavender lemonade.

As the website claims, you just might imagine you are walking the fields of Provence amidst a perfumed field of beauty………

The dates this year are June 15th, 16th, and 17th.