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Today marks the anniversary of one of America’s most noted trials…..

the Scopes “Monkey Trial”

A high school teacher on trial for teaching Darwin’s theory of evolution….

A well known lawyer and three time Presidential candidate, so disgraced, five days after trial’s end, he would be the one to know the true answer as he came face to face with his “maker”………

A circus in the courtroom accompanied by a circus in the town streets ……where residents could watch a fedora and spats donned chimp stroll past hot dog and lemonade stands.

There is a bit of irony there…..

A trial to voice outrage at teaching our evolution from the very beings we dressed as ourselves those Tennessee days.

And that trial hasn’t reached its final appeal…….

Creationists, Fundamentalists, and Evolutionists still choose which side of the courtroom they would fill with opposing voices of the origins of man……

Educated minds trying to mesh religion and science in a cohesive bond…..

Today, I give a young, high school science teacher, his rightful remembrance in history…..






Today marks an historic sound….

Our Liberty Bell tolled the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

I remember when I saw the Liberty Bell……I was in Junior High, on a class trip.  We drove past the tiny Betsy Ross house, we saw the rising or setting sun on that famous Philadelphia chair*, and went to the Franklin Institute.

I remember looking at that Liberty Bell…..walking around it… isn’t rung anymore.  Too risky.  It is lightly tapped on very momentous occasions.

On June 6, 1944, when Allied forces invaded France, the sound of the bell’s dulled ring was broadcast by radio across the United States.

I like to think that bell is a survivor and symbol of our country……with sealed over cracks that must be tended and respected by those who continually care for her.

Though now gently tapped, may her toll still ring for the truths intended when this nation was born.

I keep believing that sun was a rising one……….

*George Washington used this chair for nearly three months of the Federal Convention’s continuous sessions. James Madison reported Benjamin Franklin saying, “I have often looked at that behind the president without being able to tell whether it was rising or setting. But now I… know that it is a rising…sun.” 

Let’s hope so, Mr. Franklin…………..




My Gettysburg education involves more than what happened during three summer days in 1863.

And there are more “sides” in Gettysburg than just the blue and the grey……

I choose to observe on the sidelines of those “sides.”

The sides of the over the top fanatical, obsessed who must know every precise foot and hoof account on each battlefield…….just what button adorned each shirt…..(heaven forbid, a reenactor gets it wrong)…….

I have witnessed these people mock and make comments about those less enlightened;  shouldn’t knowledge be kindly shared, not pompously touted.

The critical judgments of those opposed to paranormal seekers and fans always gets stuck in my craw.

Many of them make a profit from those explorers, who visit and purchase from their Gettysburg shops and restaurants.

How can you sell merchandise relating to the paranormal and yet mock those that come to experience a brief moment or encounter……..

Me, I am a Reiki Master, already a strike against me from some…….

And I believe in the paranormal, I lead ghost séances and tours, and have

had experiences working as a medium and in my personal life.

Sadly, there are those who are my “friend” in those sidelines, but not in the popularity crowd.

I accept this, I don’t truly understand it, but I have come to realize this is the way it is in Gettysburg.

Either you strongly take sides, be the brunt of criticism, or just observe from the sidelines.  But it still causes a thorn in my side when I observe those friends mocking the very things I hold dear and the very things that also make Gettysburg the Hallowed Ground that it is…..

If visited with respect, Gettysburg should welcome all those history buffs,  reenactors, (perfect uniform or not)……and ghost hunters….without them, perhaps we would be placing a chip across a roulette wheel close to Devil’s Den……

My heart just wishes Gettysburg had left all the sides behind on a summer day in 1863,,,,,

This voice, from the sidelines, chose to be heard today………



July 3rd, 1863, the third and final day of the Battle of Gettysburg.   One battle ending, another, just beginning………

The battle to reclaim the rolling hills of Pennsylvania back from the stench and horror of death.

How did these people do it…….it is written that, as late as November, when Lincoln arrived to deliver his Gettysburg Address; the stench of death still hovered in the air.

Heroes, other than soldiers, arose to the new “battle front lines.”  Elizabeth Thorn, caretaker of Evergreen Cemetery, hand dug what many men ran away from……the putrifying bodies of the dead.

Dead horses, livestock, mountains of severed limbs……a feast for swarms of flies that blackened the skies above like cannibalistic clouds.

The screams of wounded soldiers, their bodies rampant with gangrene, in agony in the July sweltering heat and pouring rain that drenched Gettysburg after the battle.

That is why these rolling hills will forever remain “Hallowed Ground.”  The energy of horror has been buried, but not extinguished.  Pick up a book that describes the aftermath of Gettysburg to learn what horror truly touched this battlefield in 1863……..from July 1-3 and long afterward.