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Like all Gettysburg residents, I am anxiously awaiting the new movie “Lincoln.”  We hope the film does him justice, is historically accurate, and portrays this man as the complex soul he truly was.

The more I read, the more I am fascinated by this man……

Thought at first to be a “country bumpkin” ……he possessed such intelligence and the skill to use that intelligence to work to his advantage…. He was hindered by depression, melancholy and a dark side………I find the stories of his travels through grief so fascinating…… His wounded heart masked the grief by countless quips and stories; so much so, many thought the anecdotes not fitting of a President’s status.   Mr. Lincoln spoke a lot in those “quips”…….they often revealed just how perceptive he was.

His artistry with words conveys such emotion….a few minute speech from Lincoln could master what pages and pages of others could not…….

He loved animals…..the White House hosted a motley crew of pets….a turkey named Jack, a goat named Nanko,  (Tad used to hitch Nanko to a wagon and wheel him around the White House grounds… his favorite horse, Old Bob, who held the honor of pulling his master’s funeral hearse…..

Paranormal tales of Lincoln’s dog foretelling his assassination by endless barking intrigue my spiritual interests.  Lincoln, himself, sensed what the future would hold.

Children flocked to be by Lincoln’s side…….he loved them and the love was reciprocated….

No matter what motives prompted any Civil War legislation….the end result of the Emancipation Proclamation was a testament to how this leader evolved amidst the turmoil and despair of war…….how could the years of the 1860’s not have changed this man………..the grief, the death, the personal sorrows……

Steven Spielberg is coming to Gettysburg this November to speak during the Remembrance ceremony.   I hope the spirit of Mr. Lincoln smiles down with satisfaction on this director’s portrayal ……

Here is a link to this promising new film, due in theatres this November……








I spent early this morning going through an old box of photos……photos from my parents and grandparents.  Photos of uncles who never made it home from the war…..

One, in particular, shows my Uncle holding a Nazi flag with a buddy; he died to see that flag never continued to wave…….

I have a photo website; I take pictures and make prints.  I take a lot of pictures in Gettysburg…. always searching for that perfect moment, the perfect ray of sunlight beaming down…….

I could take a million photos for the rest of my life; none will be as precious as the ones in that box.



War and Bombs have followed me through life; their presence determining my fate even before I was conceived.   My dad didn’t talk about the war much… hardly at all, in fact.  My big regret is that I didn’t try to push more out of him, but maybe some things shouldn’t be uncovered from their burial grounds.  He was in the Navy, only a day or so away from Japan when his ship got the orders to hastily retreat.  Then, the bomb was dropped; and my dad’s and my destiny were forged……

The thought that my dad might not have come home if that bomb hadn’t exploded, has always been in the back of my mind.  I have read the horrendous tales of the aftermath, the suffering, and yet that thought lingers in the back of my mind……..what if it saved my dad………..and me.

Years later,  I scheduled a tour of Europe with my two daughters…….then, war came.  Most the of travelers canceled; we didn’t.  Maybe it was that destiny to follow war……

I remember looking up at the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy and hearing the most intense, low rumble above my head.  These were the bombers flying overhead……workhorses of modern war.  At night, we watched the bombs fall over Yugoslavia……a surreal lightning storm that wasn’t heralding rain……..

Then, destiny brought bombs and Towers to me again; I watched just across the water as the Towers fell, by the Statue of Liberty in Liberty State Park.  Surreal again, seeing Lady Liberty and a world of smoke and flames fill the sky…….

My shelter is in a place of war, Gettysburg.  Amidst the remnants of artillery and death, echoing in the voices of the past.   Perhaps it was my destiny to be here….always amidst the war.   The bombs of war that kill and save………….people and a country.

Namaste and Peace today……September 11th