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Last night, I attended a special prescreening of Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln.   Let me begin by saying, security was tight.  Cell phones, all electronic tablets were collected and bagged……we were all wanded by security before entering the theatre.  Pocketbooks were searched.

Without divulging too much, I will say that each scene did not disappoint.  The actors were stellar, Daniel Dey-Lewis’ performance was exceptional, watching him portray Lincoln ruined the part for any thespian with similar aspirations.  He not only captured Lincoln’s physical appearance; he captured the heaviness that dwelled upon his shoulders.

Sally Field’s portrayal of Mary matched Daniel’s…….

There was one particular scene between the two of them that had me riveted to my seat……I wasn’t in a theatre seat; I was inside the lives of Abraham and Molly, the acting was just so superlative.  I have read many books on both of them; but the talent of Daniel and Sally brings them to life on that screen.

Snippets of humor provided by the gifted young actor who portrayed Tad helped lighten the drama.

There wasn’t one adequate performance, each was above and beyond ………The movie, itself, is above and beyond, Spielberg should be very proud……each involved in this daunting production should feel the same.

Lincoln is an intimate portrayal of politics, agendas, and one man’s battle to accomplish what best fitted him for his time…… will learn about a President, but also a man………

As the screen went black,  the theatre erupted into applause……..yes, “Lincoln” is an accomplishment for which Spielberg and all involved in the production should be proud.



I am off to a prescreening of Steven Spielberg’s new movie, “Lincoln,” later today.  I am hopefully optimistic that Spielberg got it right; he put a lot of heart and research into the film to capture a country and a man in the 1860’s…….

Every detail, down to the authentic sound of Lincoln’s pocketwatch, recorded from the actual piece, will try to recreate what has never been recreated in a man since……..

Lincoln was so unique; such a contrast in country bumpkin and genius, in my mind.

Mix into that stew, the profound heartache and grief that death and war brought to his soul; and a man emerged that will forever be studied and written about by each generation.

Mr. Spielberg, Lincoln is a daunting task, but you seem to revel in daunting tasks.  I hope you got it right.

I will blog about the movie tomorrow.