I am off to a prescreening of Steven Spielberg’s new movie, “Lincoln,” later today.  I am hopefully optimistic that Spielberg got it right; he put a lot of heart and research into the film to capture a country and a man in the 1860’s…….

Every detail, down to the authentic sound of Lincoln’s pocketwatch, recorded from the actual piece, will try to recreate what has never been recreated in a man since……..

Lincoln was so unique; such a contrast in country bumpkin and genius, in my mind.

Mix into that stew, the profound heartache and grief that death and war brought to his soul; and a man emerged that will forever be studied and written about by each generation.

Mr. Spielberg, Lincoln is a daunting task, but you seem to revel in daunting tasks.  I hope you got it right.

I will blog about the movie tomorrow.