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The Roses and Thorns of Life

Grosvenor orbZ0000006This EVP session took place in my hotel room. You don’t have to venture beyond your home when searching for spirits. They are all around us, moving in and out at will….sensing when needed. Some tortured souls are grounded and remain in the atmosphere.
It was late in the evening, I set up the recorder. You will hear my voice…….then you will hear a moan or sigh or perhaps you can make out a word……
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I also captured an orb in the Hotel lobby. This session took place at the Grosvenor Hotel, quite near to Buckingham Palace, London.

Click on the EVP link to listen….her “sigh” comes on right at the beginning.


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The Roses and Thorns of Life

Z0000001I have been listening to some EVP (electronic voice phenomena) that I personally recorded at the Tower of London.  EVP is sound we do not hear until it is played back on the recording machine.
You will hear the sound of a Latin prayer…..this is played in the dungeon at regular intervals, this is not part of the EVP session.

This particular EVP session was in a dungeon cell at the Tower.  I was all by myself… the end of the recording as people start to walk in, you will hear the sound of me shutting off the recorder.

This is the cell of Anne Askew, tortured on the rack, and burnt at the stake…….

You will hear my voice ask her to speak to me…….ironically, at the very beginning, before my voice tells her story……..

there is a woman’s voice saying..(Now listen)………
Turn the volume up……it is at…

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