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general's snowI went shopping this weekend at a Civil War artifacts shop in Gettysburg. Filled with relics, soles of shoes, sewing kits, buttons, letters, it is a great place to take a child interested in history.
No paragraph in a book can match gazing at the sole of a soldier’s tattered shoe, or the bullet ridden, battered canteen dug up from the Battlefield.
Behind the glass, I was moved by a dress….a handsewn patched dress, ridden with blood. All that was known about the dress was it was from a nurse, thought to be named Beech.
Funny how some thread and cotton can tell more than a million words on a page.
You can watch the PBS Civil War series over and over, you can walk along the boulders of Devil’s Den, you can watch a reenactment; but gaze directly through the glass at a tattered piece of leather or a patched scrap of bloody cloth,or hold a dented button or weathered diary in your hands and you cannot help but think of the lives and horrors of those who wore or wrote in them almost two hundred years ago.

Further Gettysburg farmhouse adventures……….

The Roses and Thorns of Life

Those of you who read my blogs, know I own a farmhouse. A farmhouse filled with holes and cracks and mice.
This weekend was a big frat party at the farmhouse. Rowdy mouse came to visit, now I will be visiting Bed, Bath, and Beyond to replace some essentials.
My mice have a sense of humor too…….
My small angel on my windowsill, was knocked over and decapitated.
She bears the inscription, “Enjoy Life.”
Guess my mice are laughing their little whiskered heads off with that one………

Enjoy Life (but try not to break anything)


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