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The Roses and Thorns of Life

On this day……….the World War II monument opened in Washington, D.C., 2004.
I live among monuments in Gettysburg.
I respect them, I revere them; but I also hate the fact that a lot of young boys took a last breath calling out to their mothers nearby to them.
We tried to get my dad to write in to be part of the WWII monument. He served, his brothers all served, one didn’t make it home. He probably called out to his mother as well, as the breath of all nineteen years escaped his body.
My dad wanted no inclusion….we didn’t write in. My dad hardly talked about the war, almost non existent words, I wonder if his memories were the same.
Young men and young women continue to die; will monuments to them one day grace the cherry blossom paths of Washington, DC.
Yes, I honor monuments; but I wish…

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The Roses and Thorns of Life

lincoln's shadowApril 15, 1865 ~ a country’s new beginning, a father’s death. Abraham Lincoln lived for nine hours after a bullet entered his head. Perhaps, now, both country and father were at peace. Perhaps death was the only way this President could find his peace. One wonders.
Lincoln was very intuitive ~ he “knew” things. Maybe that was why he held little focus for security; if security had been tighter, might Booth have failed?
We will never know, we will never know how history’s course might have changed if fate had not brought these two unique individuals together. Fate had crossed these family paths before, which is extremely fascinating.
Edwin Booth is remembered (though not so significantly) as the man who helped Robert Todd Lincoln after he fell from the station platform, saving his life. Now this heroic deed was far overshadowed by his brother, who usurped the life from Robert’s…

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A blog to recognize the historical significance of today…..the firing on Fort Sumter.

The Roses and Thorns of Life

pointed cannonThis day, in 1861, the beginning of War, the beginning of suffering unseen and incomparable to anything this country has seen before or since.
On April 13th, Fort Sumter surrendered; President Lincoln called up volunteers to quickly end this “Southern insurrection.”
Sadly, this insurrection grew to something much bloodier and longer than anyone had anticipated.
What followed was four years of death and sickness and unbearable sorrow.
It changed the lives of too many to accurately count in the 1800’s, I believe it has changed mine as well.
I own a Civil War farmhouse; would I be walking these Hallowed Grounds today if that shot had not been aimed at a Charleston fort. Am I so drawn to this land and time because I have been here before……..
Do the spirits who walk this haunted land recognize a kindred spirit among them.
I believe in past lives; I think many…

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