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The Roses and Thorns of Life

smiling for the sun

Summertime in Gettysburg…..
lots of tourists, lots of anniversary events, lots of July reenactments, the beautiful flowers of the fields….
But Summer endears me for another reason……
The dusk….
Watching the thousands of fireflies light up the sky…….
Watching the tiny little bats begin their night adventures…….
Watching the deer come out for a snack before vanishing into the woods to rest……
In the dark of evening….little sparks of light dance among the trees, if one is used to seeing a few lightning bugs in the garden, one must imagine that number amplified hundreds of times over to envision a Gettysburg field.
I love the winters of Gettysburg, crunching snow under my feet as I walk through Hallowed Grounds.
The spring brings apple blossoms…….the autumn, an apple harvest and Halloween ghost tours and stories to send chills icier than the Gettysburg winds.
But for now, summer brings the fireflies…….they dance…

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