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I had some strange things happen at my farmhouse this weekend. I will tell one. It was dusk. I came downstairs to ask my husband a question and went in the kitchen…..He wasn’t there, I looked into the adjoining room, it was getting fairly dark, couldn’t see him. I called out, “Are you in there?” That is not a particularly good phrase for the faint of heart in Gettysburg. As I said it, the door behind me swung open, inches from hitting my back. Okay, just random…..Except for one thing, as I looked down, the doorstop was still placed beneath it……The doorstop we keep in place to stop it from opening. My husband was outside, he wasn’t in the room……but I wasn’t alone………..:-)

More of these stories may be read in my book about experiences in this unique, hallowed town and the farmhouse I call home.
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