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The Roses and Thorns of Life

The Gettysburg sun was brutal yesterday……the temperature was already in the 90 degree range.

One can only imagine how the oppressive heat hindered soldiers, and how the sweltering sun affected those whose bodies had been felled by the battle.

I walked through the National Soldiers Cemetery yesterday.  Thankfully, large stately trees shade the final resting place of too many.  And battle still continue in the trees…….

I watched this confrontation unfold above the soldiers’ graves……

Perhaps the spirits of two who wore blue and grey now possess wings and do battle in the trees.ImageImagePeace,


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The Roses and Thorns of Life

Having an almost two hundred year old farmhouse is interesting; you discover secrets buried on the land.  Having an almost two hundred year old Civil War farmhouse is fascinating and sacred.  Two thousand Cavalry soldiers and horses camped out on my land during the first three days of July, 1863.

We haven’t extensively dug the grounds of our farm; but even in everyday gardening, secrets are revealed.  We have some Civil War era cutlery and chips of pottery.  We have uncovered an arrowhead, since our land was home to Native Americans before European settlers took it over.

We found this lying in our garden recently……years have left it pristine and clean of any traces of flesh or fur.   I looked through photos on the Internet, trying to decipher its secrets.  I am leaning toward raccoon, perhaps.  Does anyone recognize what face inhabited these remains?

Blessings ……and may his spirit…

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