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The Roses and Thorns of Life

A four year battle is over……. the city of King, NC, will remove a memorial of a soldier in prayer at a cross.   Four years and $50,000 later, King could not afford to wage a war any longer to keep the memorial.

I know all about the separation of church and state.  I know that all don’t believe the same, and should not be “inundated” with symbols they do not worship.

But when I look at this statue, I don’t see a specific religion.

I see a soldier knelt, not just in prayer, but in confusion, at why this human race of ours continually seeks ways to kill one another ……….

I see all those boys. some who didn’t make it home, frightened out of their wits as bullets whizzed by their heads…

I see young men crying out for their mothers as they took their last breaths………


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