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The Roses and Thorns of Life

If ever we needed a supermoon, now is the time.   Full Moons bring endings.   A lot of times, this ending concerns a feminine energy.

Perhaps this full moon will lay to rest all the division in our country.   It is time to face the realization that we have a President elect, we cannot go back and change election results.   If this were the case, several other men would have had to become President because of popular vote.

We cannot resurrect them; we cannot undo the past;  we can only face the future with unity and positive light……..May this brilliant supermoon cast a benevolent glow on our nation, with acceptance for who has now become our President elect.

If you are having trouble accepting this outcome or are filled with fear over our country’s path…..use the energy of this supermoon to help you let go and move…

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The Roses and Thorns of Life

Uneducated…….that’s the word that stuck in my craw these past months.   I think a lot of Americans should be offended at that analogy.   It takes more than college to educate a man or woman.

On this day especially, let us remember all the countless brave soldiers who fought for our country and earned a degree on the GI bill.

So many of our corpsmen and medics joined the service without any “medical education.” But these brave….some of the bravest, men and women invented ways to help a soldier buy some time before hospital units were so close.

There was too much inference that people who didn’t fit in Fifth Avenue’s  white collar, college degree marketing data,  had less smarts…….

These citizens formed and still  continue to form the structure and morals of our nation….the hard working factory workers that slaved away in grimy factories, the immigrants who went…

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For Veterans” Day

The Roses and Thorns of Life

dadFrom early childhood, I have been fascinated by war.   As a young girl, I crept into my brothers’ bedroom and stole books about WWII…..While others were reading Nancy Drew, (I also had a full collection of those mysteries), I was immersed in stories of bomber pilots.  I grew up to own a Civil War historic farmhouse, where a Confederate General kept his headquarters.

Why has war followed me………….

I don’t know.   Well, yes I do.   I believe we all have pasts…….Past lives and existences.  When I was younger, a psychic told me my uncle was always beside me.   He died when he was 19, in the Ardennes Forest, at the Battle of the Bulge.

Is he?   I like to think so.   I have always remembered his memory, though I never knew him.  He was such a promising young boy….a mathematical genius, destined for West…

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