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Erasing our history this Memorial Day…………….

The Roses and Thorns of Life

I took this photo yesterday in the cemetery……it was the only veteran’s marker I could find, walking throughout the grounds.

I was using my infrared camera at the time, hence the bleached out color effect.   But as I sit looking at this flag, it seems appropriate.

Our nation seems to be forgetting the blood that soaked the ground from our Civil War.   Whether you were Union or Confederate, your blood seeped the ground the same deep red, the marshes and creeks flowed the same crimson shade.

We think erasing monuments from the eyes of passersby will change our history.   It won’t.   Blood shed on both sides must be remembered…….We cannot wash its stain away by cleaning the ugly parts of our history.

Trying to cleanse that blood from our history won’t bring us all united closer under our flag, it will only bleach its honor for…

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The Roses and Thorns of Life

Near my hometown in New Jersey,  lies a beautiful cemetery, Holy Cross in North Arlington.   It is a reverent place because it holds the remains of many, many veterans, some who came home only to be placed in its soil.   My Uncle was one of them.   He perished in the forests of the Ardenne, at the Battle of the Bulge.   He has a tiny stone, flat to the ground with his unit on it, surrounding him are many who died the same week………I wonder sometimes, if they were buddies then and now…….

The news reported yesterday that the Archdiocese of Newark has made the decision to remove all veterans’ markers placed at headstones.   A son had visited his dad and discovered it missing, questioned the cemetery and learned its surprising fate.  He found a marker in the garbage and placed it back on his father’s…

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