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The Roses and Thorns of Life

This Fourth of July is so filled with dissidence……..even watching fireworks in the sky seems like more angry shouting amidst our citizens.

I am not a proponent of fireworks, but I have gone to two very special firework displays in my lifetime.

One was over Liberty State Park in New Jersey, where lights and colors filled the sky above Lady Liberty (The Statue of Liberty’s head).   The next time I was there, different colors filled the sky……..I watched the fire and smoke of the burning Twin Towers obliterate the sky.

Several years ago, I attended another poignant ceremony.    The names of Medal of Honor recipients were to be displayed on remembrance bricks in the center of my town, Gettysburg……where so many heroic footsteps left their traces.

Those who donated to this cause were each given the name of their recipient and invited to a wonderful celebration, featuring the very…

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