The Roses and Thorns of Life

This has been a magickal and mysterious past couple of days……..

Tuesday, around dusk, as my husband and I were arriving at our Gettysburg farmhouse, my eyes glimpsed an elusive sight…..Just down the road from my farmhouse, a herd of deer were grazing close to the road.   It had been a long drive, my wolfhound, Aura Lea, was anxious to get out of the car; so as much as I wanted a photo, I didn’t ask my husband to stop the car.

Now, deer are sure out there in Gettysburg, but around my farmhouse, they never congregate in herds.   The farmer next to me has a deer house in his tree.   These deer are wise enough to stay away from this spot, and I am wise enough to not lure them with food so they will be an easy target for his gun.

So it was very magickal to see…

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