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Weird stuff at my farmhouse

The Roses and Thorns of Life

Yesterday, a strange thing happened at my Gettysburg farmhouse.   I should say, another strange thing, because weird things happen all the time there.

Clocks don’t keep time, lights go on with switches turned off, statues move……..

It’s just the way it is in this town……you take each bit of weirdness with a grain of salt  (and I have had weighty salt bags moved)…..99 times out of 100, no harmful energy is felt…..

Now yesterday, I glanced at my windowsill.   I looked at my vase…then did a double take, as you will see why, in the photo.

My vase was filled with water.   Normal, right?    Not quite, I didn’t put any water in it.

Okay, the window has a leak?   No gutter above the window…….torrential rain falling sideways would have to hit that window….

My window has sensors…….if anything hits or vibrates it……an alarm sounds.   No alarm sounded at that…

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