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If you are reading this blog, then you might have read my book, “The Returning Ones, A Medium’s Memoirs.”   It chronicles the first years of living in a historic Gettysburg farmhouse.

As the years and seasons pass, ghostly hellos echo through the walls of my home.

Not shouts, thankfully, I chose a home with benevolent energy.   Believe me, there are some in town that possess a darkness in their beams.

But little hellos, things moving, things misplaced, malfunctions of electronic and battery devices.   Just hellos from time to time saying, “We are still here, don’t forget us.”

Just this past week, a toilet seat was the messenger.   I put the seat down; I went back in the house, the seat was up.   Maybe a soldier needed to use it.   Who know why they choose the objects they do to make us shake our heads, make us stare in puzzlement?    A toilet seat seems an unlikely place, but, then again, they knew I would be sure to notice it.

It’s hard not to notice when a heavy item flies down off a shelf; I have had that happen to me.   But toilet seats are subtle.   It is as if the ghosts are challenging our memories, seeing how astute we are………..just wanting us to sharpen our senses to the parallel realm that intersects each of our paths every day.

As Halloween draws nearer, activity heightens around town.   I believe it is because all those that visit have sharpened their senses to this realm and are more aware of subtle messengers.   Not everyone has something flown across the room at them, but most will experience a power drainage to cameras, a bristle of hair on their necks and arms, a feeling of heaviness in the air.

Blessings to all those not at peace in realms that reach out to us every day………. Book cover The Returning Ones