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This retrograde occurs in a few days, though many of us already feel the energy affecting us.

This energy feels stronger, more intense; and I feel this energy will affect those sensitive or those prone to depression in a profound way.

Retrogrades bring remembrances……..past hurts, wounds, heartaches…….

That, together with such sadness in the air with September 11th, might cause those who pick up energy around them to absorb a burden of sadness, grief, and hurt.

If this is you, or someone you love, set out to raise the energy around them during this time.   The retrograde lasts into October, and will linger for some until the end of that month is upon us.

Retrogrades enable us to ponder the past, so when it revisits our doorway, we can recognize its knock and only open the doorway a tiny bit……………

For some, that doorway will open, and sadness and depression will enter.

Of course, keep lines of communication flowing smoothly, or as smoothly as possible, during a retrograde.  Mixed signals could lead to major conflicts and new hurts upon the horizon.

Watch whatever agreements you sign, try not to make any major purchases during this period……that brand new phone may be better off buying when Halloween comes in…….

It is always a good thing to ponder past mistakes, just don’t like the past interrupt your present and prevent good things waiting in the future.Color Profile Add Words 2