The Roses and Thorns of Life

I have been pondering a question…….before the days of eclipse glasses… centuries past……….did entire villages go blind in the pathway of an eclipse?????????
Think about it……when the skies grew dark, wouldn’t it have been a logical action to look up……(maybe after you ran and hid for a few moments)……..
Did these people all lose their sight…….Was an oral tradition of eclipse warning handed down through generations after the horror of the Gods causing blindness as punishment occurred ………..
Somewhere, someone had to put two and two together and realize the result was damage to one’s vision………
It is incredible to me how astronomers of centuries past were so accurate in their predictions of these events……..
Had it not been for this accuracy, Columbus might have met a much different fate……He convinced the natives of his “godliness” by predicting the dark skies of an eclipse……Who would dare touch a God who…

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The Roses and Thorns of Life

So easy it seems for man to destroy things…..when I look at Civil War monuments and memorials, I don’t think of slavery, I don’t think of racism…….I think of all those lives lost……all those who still lie unrecognized in the ground, or pieces of them still in the ground….when you desecrate one of those monuments, you desecrate the life of each one of them…..making it worth nothing…….
So disappointed to see this happening in my country…….and for what purpose……they will be destroyed and gone……and what will change in my country……
People will be the same…….easy to destroy, easy to fight, easy to hate……losing every single monument won’t change that………
I was around during the Vietnam War protests…….People in the streets, on campuses, wanted peace…….When these soldiers returned, they treated them in a way that left so many of them unwanted and shunned by society.   You can hate a war…

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The Roses and Thorns of Life

I awoke to the news of more monuments taken down in the darkness of night in Baltimore.

All my life I have never fit in…, yet again it seems.

Would I march with the torch wielding white supremacy crowd……..NO

Would I march with the “take them all down” crowd…………………………NO

How does walking by an empty spot of barren ground in a park or library lawn make a poor child’s life better?   How does making history evaporate make anyone’s life better…….now that much of history and english and all subjects have diminished in our childrens’ curriculum nowadays.   And how many of our youth still walk in front of a library these days.

There are those who say………“they belong in National Parks and Museums”………

Some impoverished city kids never get the chance to vacation at a National Park or go to a museum, unless on a class trip……..if they…

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The Roses and Thorns of Life

I have an unexplained connection to Anne Frank, ever since I was a little girl.   Last  night, while scanning through some obscure television channels, I happened upon “The Diary of Anne Frank.”   So, instead of the Tonys, I sat watching it again.   For some reason, there is compulsion to watch, to remember, it seems to come from the depths of memory or soul.   I wrote this blog a couple of years ago, but today is Anne’s birthday, a good day to share it again.

August 4, 1944 ~~ Anne Frank is captured.

Today’s blog breathes life into a memory stored for nearly half a century.
It is a moment I have never forgotten; it is “written” in my heart, perhaps the reason I write today.
It is the memory of a little girl and her mother who went to the local MacDonald’s for lunch one afternoon.

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The Roses and Thorns of Life

I have read several stories in the past weeks…..soldiers coming home.   No, not from Iraq, Afghanistan, but from WWII.

DNA has been the tool to identify remains long since decomposed into dust and bone.  It’s bittersweet.   Mothers and fathers who themselves have died, will not weep at a son’s gravesite.   Perhaps some nieces and nephews who never knew the boy……just the memory told to them before the last of his generation left this earth.

I have a farmhouse in Gettysburg.   Beneath the fields, many still remain unknown.   We now have monuments to remember those who fought, each thinking his side was right.   Sadly, those monuments are being torn down.   It is my hope that history’s truths, the ugly, the heroic, the rights, the wrongs, will always be taught and those who sacrificed will all be known in this way.  They gave so much…

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Erasing our history this Memorial Day…………….

The Roses and Thorns of Life

I took this photo yesterday in the cemetery……it was the only veteran’s marker I could find, walking throughout the grounds.

I was using my infrared camera at the time, hence the bleached out color effect.   But as I sit looking at this flag, it seems appropriate.

Our nation seems to be forgetting the blood that soaked the ground from our Civil War.   Whether you were Union or Confederate, your blood seeped the ground the same deep red, the marshes and creeks flowed the same crimson shade.

We think erasing monuments from the eyes of passersby will change our history.   It won’t.   Blood shed on both sides must be remembered…….We cannot wash its stain away by cleaning the ugly parts of our history.

Trying to cleanse that blood from our history won’t bring us all united closer under our flag, it will only bleach its honor for…

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The Roses and Thorns of Life

Near my hometown in New Jersey,  lies a beautiful cemetery, Holy Cross in North Arlington.   It is a reverent place because it holds the remains of many, many veterans, some who came home only to be placed in its soil.   My Uncle was one of them.   He perished in the forests of the Ardenne, at the Battle of the Bulge.   He has a tiny stone, flat to the ground with his unit on it, surrounding him are many who died the same week………I wonder sometimes, if they were buddies then and now…….

The news reported yesterday that the Archdiocese of Newark has made the decision to remove all veterans’ markers placed at headstones.   A son had visited his dad and discovered it missing, questioned the cemetery and learned its surprising fate.  He found a marker in the garbage and placed it back on his father’s…

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The Roses and Thorns of Life

p1140502Saturday in Gettysburg, was ParAmeriCon……a convention focusing on the various talents of women in the paranormal field.   Pictured above is me with my friend and fellow medium Cat.   A lot of spirits wandered around the 1863 Inn.   One nasty one, in particular, sought to use me as his electrical outlet.   I felt a surge of energy surround me like a cloak.   My friend Cat tried to intervene but was forcefully told to “butt out.”   I am still drained from that experience.   The best way to explain it to someone is “it is as if you have come down with the flu.”…….drained, cold, achy…….not pleasant.    The only other time I have felt such intense energy trying to come over my own being was at the Tillie Pierce House in Gettysburg years ago.   That was not pleasant either……and the time intense loving energy…

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The Roses and Thorns of Life


Today, 1941……….Pearl Harbor.

My dad visited Pearl Harbor on board his Navy ship during the war.  He didn’t speak much about the war; regretfully, I didn’t prod him for more, although I would have liked to hear it all.  He didn’t like Hawaii…..maybe the island paradise doesn’t seem so heavenly when the threat of being killed looms over your head each day.

Before he left for duty, my dad sold his beloved car.  He told me he didn’t think he would be returning home again; he wanted to leave the money for his wife and baby.  Girls remember first loves, guys remember first cars.  My dad did come home, and his face filled with sadness as he told me how he wished his car was still waiting for him.

A lot of guys didn’t come home…..a lot of first car seats remained empty until sold.  A lot chairs at the dinner table…

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The Roses and Thorns of Life

If ever we needed a supermoon, now is the time.   Full Moons bring endings.   A lot of times, this ending concerns a feminine energy.

Perhaps this full moon will lay to rest all the division in our country.   It is time to face the realization that we have a President elect, we cannot go back and change election results.   If this were the case, several other men would have had to become President because of popular vote.

We cannot resurrect them; we cannot undo the past;  we can only face the future with unity and positive light……..May this brilliant supermoon cast a benevolent glow on our nation, with acceptance for who has now become our President elect.

If you are having trouble accepting this outcome or are filled with fear over our country’s path…..use the energy of this supermoon to help you let go and move…

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