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This wisp appeared to me at a tree in the Grove, the next moment it had vanished.

This wisp appeared to me at a tree in the Grove, the next moment it had vanished.

When I first came to Gettysburg, I went on one of the popular ghost walks around the town. Our guide was period dressed as a Civil War soldier, and seemed quite knowledgeable. We took a midnight tour by lantern light through streets and wooded areas as he told us ghostly stories. One particular story has stayed with me. I have tried to research more about in online but come up empty.
That is the case with some stories around Gettysburg. People have all had unusual experiences……some believe in the Paranormal and wish to talk about experiences, some do not wish to open their minds to this possibility and keep things to themselves.
If you visit Gettysburg, ask the shopkeepers, ask the waitresses, ask the people working and living in town if they have ever encountered something strange. Some will be happy to share, some will snicker at the mention of “ghosthunting”…….
But, if you walk away with one personal story, it will be worth the snickers.I have had quite a few unusual things happen to me; one day, I hope to document them in a book about Gettysburg and the Paranormal. I am not talking Amityville Horror type episodes, but the unexplainable day to day moments that many Gettysburg residents call normal.
Here is the tour guide’s story as well as I can remember it. It concerns one of the most haunted pieces of land in Gettysburg, called the Grove. I have gotten many strange photos at the Grove. It was the scene of horrific battle. When ammunition was depleted, soldiers took to battling with the dismembered arms and legs of fallen comrades.
Now, Gettysburg Middle School, stands on part of this plot of ground. There have been stories of strange occurrences at the school. This one fascinates me most. Land holds energy of what occurred on it; the battle is over, but the energy remains.

It was an important test day for one of the classrooms at the Middle School. Quietly immersed in their test papers, the students came face to face with the image of a Civil War Soldier who burst in through the back wall, ran up the classroom aisle, then disappeared through a front wall…….
The teacher announced……the test is done. Class is finished today.
Was this a wrinkle in time…was this the apparition of a soldier imprinted in time…..was this a ghost………I do not know.

There are many similar stories…..I find them all equally fascinating.
What do you think?
I think those students should have all received a passing grade…that’s for sure…….


One of the most active places for me in Gettysburg is the Grove.  The Grove is the wooded grounds surrounding the Gettysburg Middle School.  There are stories of encounters in these woods,  of a little girl who looks innocent until you get close enough to see her glowing eyes…….of Soldiers wandering about above graves

where their war torn bodies were hurriedly buried.

Fighting at the Grove was so savage that weaponry became the dismembered limbs of dead soldiers, swung at the enemy when there was nothing left to fight each other with that day.

I constantly get orbs at the Grove, the trees there are especially “haunted”……..

One evening, while photographing the trees, in a matter of seconds, my camera found only darkness, then a peculiar ghostly shaped wisp, then nothingness again.  This is perhaps my favorite paranormal photo, I think the little wisp even has a little curly headed ghostly “do.” 

There are many stories of encounters and sightings at the Grove.   A guide once told me of a classroom in the Middle School busily taking an exam when the image of a soldier ran through the room and into the opposite wall.  He said the exam was cancelled for the day…….I would imagine no one felt like taking a test after that.

Whenever you build upon tainted ground, the energy remains and “moves into” the new foundation, the walls, the classrooms.   When you visit Gettysburg, be sure to stop at the Middle School.  You can see it from Baltimore Street.  Walk through the woods at night, if you dare.  I can tell you there is one spirit there with a negative energy; it followed me back to my room one night……..But that is another story, for another blog post.