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That title stuck in my head on Saturday……actually, it’s a Renaissance song.
But Saturday, it was literal…the turkey vultures were actually flying over my head, landing in the neighboring field.
There must have been some tiny soul’s decomposing body there….maybe a feral cat, or the carcass of a deer or skunk.
In Gettysburg, in 1863, the whole town smelled of death.
Death has a unique smell; since moving to a farmhouse, I am familiar with it.
At my farm, I recognize the smell when a little mouse takes his last breath and is decomposing nearby.
I cannot imagine the smell of death that passed over my field in 1863. It lingered for months and months.
I am overwhelmed by the smell of one tiny mouse; how could the residents of 19th Century Gettysburg have continued with their routines and lives among the stench of death.
I suppose the vultures flew high during those July days in 1863.Buzzard 1
buzzards 2
buzzards 3



A memorable night to recognize heroes……

The Roses and Thorns of Life

Medal 6Medal 5Medal 4Medal Photo 3Speed Star 1.1498332  00Medal Photo 1I had a wonderful evening in Gettysburg this past Friday…
I attended the Congressional Medal of Honor Concert at the Pennsylvania Monument, right on the Gettysburg Battlefield.
I sponsored one of the recipient names for the new Granite Memorial in front of the David Wills House; as a thank you, I was invited to this memorable night of music and recognition for our country’s living heroes.
Many attended in person, some came wheeled in wheelchairs. Even heroes cannot win against the battle of old age and disability. But heroes they still are, and we received them as such.
My sponsorship placed the name of John Hawk, veteran of WWII, at the memorial. I have photos of it here.
The President’s Marine Band and the West Point Glee Club provided the entertainment. It couldn’t have been better. Gunnery Sergeants Kevin Bennear and Sara Dell’Omo took us on a tour down Memory…

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