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The Roses and Thorns of Life

My four year old grandson came to Gettysburg to spend Memorial Day weekend with me.   Accompanied by his bag of toys, of course, for the trip.  His favorite stuffed animals come along to have adventures and sleep with him as well.

One of my bedrooms…..the one we think the Confederate General convalesced in during the battle of Gettysburg has two big ducks that rest peacefully on the bed.   I believe the General stayed here because a section of the floor has been removed and replaced…….(perhaps blood stained.)   My grandson asked me if he could take the ducks to bed with him ……..(he was sleeping in the next bedroom with his parents on their bed.)   He carried them off.   My daughter promptly told him they could not have a sleepover on the bed too…….since he already had Pete the Cat and another large stuffed bluebird dozing there already.   There was limited…

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The Roses and Thorns of Life

20180522_201444Not just ghosts are wandering about in Gettysburg.   Take this chap, for instance.   I met him on the road yesterday.   He was casually walking by, from the scrape on his neck, he must have had a run in with some briars or thistle thorns or worse……..

We made our acquaintances and I watched him safely crawl into a tall, overgrown grassy patch, out of the roadway…….

I wish him well, who knows how many springs he has seen in the rolling hills of this hallowed land…………Mr. Turtle, what stories might you tell of the dark, foggy nights among the marshlands…….20180522_201444

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