The Roses and Thorns of Life

This will be a quiet day for me…..I was close by and witnessed the tragedy of this day not on a TV screen, but through my eyes. It is recorded in my brain….what I saw, how I felt, the clothes I was wearing…….and the shock of what I saw. It was not until hours later that I realized I saw thousands of lives extinguish. When it happened, somehow your brain thinks they all got out, the buildings were empty…..later, the true horror becomes reality…….When I saw that burning, gaping hole, I knew that Tower would not stand. And when I saw the antenna sway on the roof of the second Tower, I turned to my daughter and said, it is going to fall too………and seconds later, it did. I feared we would not make it home that morning……the police were telling us to get out of there…..Thankfully, we were lucky…

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The Roses and Thorns of Life

This Fourth of July is so filled with dissidence……..even watching fireworks in the sky seems like more angry shouting amidst our citizens.

I am not a proponent of fireworks, but I have gone to two very special firework displays in my lifetime.

One was over Liberty State Park in New Jersey, where lights and colors filled the sky above Lady Liberty (The Statue of Liberty’s head).   The next time I was there, different colors filled the sky……..I watched the fire and smoke of the burning Twin Towers obliterate the sky.

Several years ago, I attended another poignant ceremony.    The names of Medal of Honor recipients were to be displayed on remembrance bricks in the center of my town, Gettysburg……where so many heroic footsteps left their traces.

Those who donated to this cause were each given the name of their recipient and invited to a wonderful celebration, featuring the very…

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The Roses and Thorns of Life

I saw David Crosby in concert Sunday night, in Gettysburg.   We have a beautiful, intimate theatre here, a treasure which I hope is valued and cared for as the years pass.   Years add treasure to theatres, lives, and songs.

David has been through much in life, enough to chip away facades and foundations if he didn’t have the powerful force of music to energize his soul.   His voice was brilliant, strong and clear.   His love for music was so evident and shone through each chord.

David handled the concert with acumen.   His Gettysburg audience, though of the age when all remembered Vietnam protests and Woodstock festivals, was mainly a silver haired, conservative crowd.   David was able to get his opinions to the crowd in a gentle way.   Some artists overwhelm the audience with an in your face agenda.   David gently sang an American patriotic anthem and voiced his love of…

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The Roses and Thorns of Life

It takes me a little over three hours to drive from Jersey to Gettysburg…..on a good day with little traffic.    Each drive seems to bring more roadside casualties to my eye….. so many deer lying lifeless by the side of the road, their carrion being picked at by scavengers in the wild.   Each time I pass one, my heart saddens and I say a little prayer of blessing for those that didn’t make it to the other side of the road.

Very early this morning, outside my farmhouse window, I received a thank you for all those blessings.   I saw a doe with a tiny baby, nursing underneath.   I never saw this mother/child connection before and felt so privileged to witness such tenderness.   I prayed for their safety; neighbors have deer houses around me and I know many of them hunt.   If this loving mama fell to a bullet…

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The Roses and Thorns of Life

My four year old grandson came to Gettysburg to spend Memorial Day weekend with me.   Accompanied by his bag of toys, of course, for the trip.  His favorite stuffed animals come along to have adventures and sleep with him as well.

One of my bedrooms…..the one we think the Confederate General convalesced in during the battle of Gettysburg has two big ducks that rest peacefully on the bed.   I believe the General stayed here because a section of the floor has been removed and replaced…….(perhaps blood stained.)   My grandson asked me if he could take the ducks to bed with him ……..(he was sleeping in the next bedroom with his parents on their bed.)   He carried them off.   My daughter promptly told him they could not have a sleepover on the bed too…….since he already had Pete the Cat and another large stuffed bluebird dozing there already.   There was limited…

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The Roses and Thorns of Life

20180522_201444Not just ghosts are wandering about in Gettysburg.   Take this chap, for instance.   I met him on the road yesterday.   He was casually walking by, from the scrape on his neck, he must have had a run in with some briars or thistle thorns or worse……..

We made our acquaintances and I watched him safely crawl into a tall, overgrown grassy patch, out of the roadway…….

I wish him well, who knows how many springs he has seen in the rolling hills of this hallowed land…………Mr. Turtle, what stories might you tell of the dark, foggy nights among the marshlands…….20180522_201444

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Visiting the battlefield in the snow

The Roses and Thorns of Life

I spent the past couple of days in Gettysburg, visiting the battlefield in the snow.   My favorite time…..not many adventurous tourists braving the winds and cold, no ticks trying to snuggle up my pant leg.   I have been having problems with my Facebook page, so I thought here would be a nice place to catch up and chat.

We went to a nice restaurant on Friday night, in the next town over.
Restaurants are great places for blog writers.   You can see and overhear so much from the diners nearby.   I remember our last visit, a woman chewed out her husband the entire meal for ordering steak.   The rant was endless, You know you can’t eat that…..are you really going to finish all that……..and so on and so on.   The man retaliated, probably eating more than the point at which his stomach was satiated…..I am sure he went home…

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The Roses and Thorns of Life

I have been pondering a question…….before the days of eclipse glasses… centuries past……….did entire villages go blind in the pathway of an eclipse?????????
Think about it……when the skies grew dark, wouldn’t it have been a logical action to look up……(maybe after you ran and hid for a few moments)……..
Did these people all lose their sight…….Was an oral tradition of eclipse warning handed down through generations after the horror of the Gods causing blindness as punishment occurred ………..
Somewhere, someone had to put two and two together and realize the result was damage to one’s vision………
It is incredible to me how astronomers of centuries past were so accurate in their predictions of these events……..
Had it not been for this accuracy, Columbus might have met a much different fate……He convinced the natives of his “godliness” by predicting the dark skies of an eclipse……Who would dare touch a God who…

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The Roses and Thorns of Life

So easy it seems for man to destroy things…..when I look at Civil War monuments and memorials, I don’t think of slavery, I don’t think of racism…….I think of all those lives lost……all those who still lie unrecognized in the ground, or pieces of them still in the ground….when you desecrate one of those monuments, you desecrate the life of each one of them…..making it worth nothing…….
So disappointed to see this happening in my country…….and for what purpose……they will be destroyed and gone……and what will change in my country……
People will be the same…….easy to destroy, easy to fight, easy to hate……losing every single monument won’t change that………
I was around during the Vietnam War protests…….People in the streets, on campuses, wanted peace…….When these soldiers returned, they treated them in a way that left so many of them unwanted and shunned by society.   You can hate a war…

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The Roses and Thorns of Life

I awoke to the news of more monuments taken down in the darkness of night in Baltimore.

All my life I have never fit in…, yet again it seems.

Would I march with the torch wielding white supremacy crowd……..NO

Would I march with the “take them all down” crowd…………………………NO

How does walking by an empty spot of barren ground in a park or library lawn make a poor child’s life better?   How does making history evaporate make anyone’s life better…….now that much of history and english and all subjects have diminished in our childrens’ curriculum nowadays.   And how many of our youth still walk in front of a library these days.

There are those who say………“they belong in National Parks and Museums”………

Some impoverished city kids never get the chance to vacation at a National Park or go to a museum, unless on a class trip……..if they…

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